2 butter lettuce
1 pair Romaine
1 pair salad mix 
2  Bunches of Dino Kale
2 Bunches curly kale
1 specialty green
1 microgreen (your choice)

Amanda's Box

Price Options
$27.50every week until canceled
$59.50every month until canceled
$30.00every month until canceled
  • Delivery day is Wednesday afternoon. Order by 11:59pm on Tuesday to guarantee that your greens will be delivered on Wednesday. There is a $3 fee for your greens to be delivered to your house. To ensure your greens stay fresh, please leave a cooler by the door if you will not be home. 

  • Keep the roots attached until you are ready to use. For the best results, rap the roots with a moist towel and store in the fridge.  

    Microgreens will last for 2 weeks, while everything else will be fresh for 2-3 weeks.