Health and Environmental Benefits

  • On average, we save 15 gallons of water and 1,500 miles per head of lettuce compared to traditional farming.
  • Studies have shown that microgreens are up to 40 times more nutritious than the mature plants. They have even shown to prevent and assist in the treatment of cancer.
  • Due to recent E. Coli outbreaks, the CDC has recommended buying greens that are grown in a greenhouse. Our greens are safer and healthier! 

  • We are unique in selling our greens with their roots attached. This allows our produce to stay fresh for longer!
  • Harvest day is delivery day. When stored properly, our greens can last 2-3 weeks longer than traditional greens. 
  • Supporting a local Central Texas company ensures that you reinvest your money back into our city and not large corporations.

Fresh Produce from a Local Company